Iron Kingdoms: A New Start

Lug continues to illuminate

Bloke was busy dying and being loud about it. Philipe had already spent quite a lot of gold on him and a top alchemist was only going to be more so we had an important discussion about putting some money aside for raw materials o Philipe didn’t spend all the shops money on cool but one use potions. Dying bloke kept whining so to shut him up we decided to go to The Onyx Pestle there and then, not sleep or anything. Surprise, it was closed when we got there, what with it being barely late enough for the fishermen to be coming back and all. We found a nice bakers an had croissant and coffee it cost more than the taco IDE over but was really nice and Philipe was paying, plus bloke should have nice things if he is going to die. At the Pestle the alchemist had ahuge Ogrun wearing posh clothes, they didn’t make him any cleverer. Philipe haggled a bit, unfortunately the shop guy didn’t need part payment in fine firearms, and spent more than intended, good job we’d had that stock discussion. We talked a lot about the knife, I thought we wouldn’t mention it and was being very god in keeping quiet but hen we did. It is cool but evil. I asked the Ogrun about it and he was really helpful, maybe because we’d bought them croissant. During the wait for another temporary fix or dying guy, we agreed to pay less if he became dead guy, we had more cake and I went to buy fish. After the fix t he man wanted to see Jethebelle so we went there, after all no point in sleeping or anything. We were quite blunt with her, which seemed to work. Lots of necromantic stuff was going on and her boss has a thing for skeletal hands. Whiney man was coming on to her and asked her out. Probably desperate as he was getting more dead, he was almost green enough he could go in to the Rigs and find a Gobber instead, although only if they weren’t that choosey. We walked back to the shop to save money because we weren’t tired enough yet and then all slept, Philipe and I got up in time to go to the armoury and buy more stock. Next morning there was a wanted poster for goblet theft shoved through the door, it ad blokes waiter face drawn on it, i could build a jack for the 10,000 gold reward, I drew some designs on the back in case bloke was tempted and left it in his room for him. I spent the day making a really pretty hod out pistol and let bloke tinker to take his mind off of things. Philipe lectured him on the opera but luckily I had some things that needed hitting and drowned most of that out. Early next morning I was woken by sounds in shop, thought it might be robbers so went own careful and lit it up with magic. Was shot in face guys corpse moaning about the goblet so I zapped it and caked for help. Bloke was there next and jumped over me to finish it off, I’d weakened it good. Bloke was so eager he’d forgotten to put any clothes on, he looked I’ll all the way down. We heard more in basement so headed down, Philipe was there in robe and slippers. Three more, rummaging in stock, one in armour, one with big axe. I cast the electrify spell I’d remembered on the bloke as he was dancing around naked with his sword and I hoped was most likely to get hit, also lit the lamps so I could drop my light and do a second. We weakened them and nudey guy finished them off. It was better with lamps cause he was harder to see. At one point he poured a load of stock down armour skeleton and we set him on fire. Burning skeletons are just easier to see. The armour was too much but eventually it managed to hit sick bloke, saving tried for me a couple of times and the spell worked, zapping him against the wall and melting off some of his armour. About to drop Mr Dangle I’d his thing and finished it off. Next day we went back for cakes and got the cure which all seemed good if a bit un showy. Bloke got better quite quickly so we had to spend all the money. We’ve started selling more guns now, maybe we could give the cheese away as a gift?



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