Iron Kingdoms: A New Start

Lug vs Bolis

So, there’s so much stuff to read and everything that we don’t get back to the shop until gone half past nine in the morning but the sun hasn’t risen yet which is really weird. Robbiere is there and has opened up like he’s supposed to but is also puzzled about being all dark and a bit cloudy, we can see that two of the moons are already aligning which is unlikely to be good. We ask around a bit and no-one knows about an eclipse. Weird. Also there is a big cloud of badness over the cathedral, not good.

Ellis, the young priest of Morrow, arrives and tells us that ‘prentice was seen being bundled in to a cart very early in the morning as ’prentice still isn’t back yet this is also not good. Maybe the sex was all too much for him. I go up and talk to the Gobbos as they like collecting dead bodies but it wasn’t them, they say most of the dead bodies end up at the Oceans Morgue so we could try there, I suggest they might want to get a mob together and go to the cathedral ’cause cool stuff and dead bodies is likely to happen there.

So, with no ‘prentice we go to the pub, Philipe says that we’re looking for Gowan of the Sons of Thuria, but he isn’t there. We send out some messages and head to the Watch House. They say people reckon there is an unscheduled eclipse but we try and convince them that isn’t what it is. A lot. We think we kind of get through and also point them to the cathedral.

We arrive at the cathedral and see the old priest, Reinhardt, coming out to the top of the steps. He is crying tears of blood, which is icky, and speaking in a strange language that we don’t understand. Philipe gives him a bit of a slap and he focuses a bit and says that the scion of Bolis is coming. Ask about the skull and he says it’s in the catacombs and then collapses. I rush off and find some magical aura to follow, Philipe tries to bring the priest round with no success, we can only hope the Gobbo’s don’t mistake him for dead when they arrive.

I’ve found some runes, but they are all really confusing and I can’t quite work out how to make them do stuff. Fortunately there’s enough stuff around for me to make a bomb with, so I just blow up the wall instead. Finch and some Llaelese fighters have turned up which is handy, Philipe says he needs light, so I cast it for him and get some odd looks from the others. We head down the stairs and can hear some chanting coming from the passageway in front of us where the catacombs are, we’re going through a rough hewn corridor and start running, I electrify Philipe and myself in case we get jumped.

We get to an antechamber with recently lit torches in the sconces, there are some caskets and a heavy door that is ajar, we kick it open and continue. As we charge in to the room we see an alter, a big bloke chanting in a cloak with a mask on, loads of other cloaked acolyte types, Jethebelle and some of her guards. ‘prentice is on the alter, strapped down, he doesn’t look happy. Then Riordans, ‘cause the High Captain is the big bloke, chest explodes as the Pirate King Skeleton thing emerges from the shadows and sticks his sword through it saying ’Bolis is ours’ ’prentice is covered in black oozy Riordan blood.

Finch and his guys charge Jethbel, ‘prentice proves he isn’t completely trappedand grabs a gun from Riordan’s body, shooting people and shouting instructions. Philipe starts shooting and I start firing air burst rounds with Gtlack at another bunch of guards. ‘prentice has a knife and is trying to cut himself free from the rest of his bonds, but it’s hard going, not helped by the fact that bits of him keep turning in to Bolis and all skeletal which is well creepy. Loads more skeletons start coming to life and attacking people, everyone is basically attacking everyone else.

Philipe charges over and frees ‘prentice, who thinks he might be turning in to a God, which displeases him. I keep firing off airbursts which seems to be working. As a cultist tries to stab ’prentice, who now has a rapier, Jethbelle kills the cultist and changes sides to fight with us, which is nice because ’prentice does kind of like her, even if she was instrumental in kidnapping him and everything. A cultist does manage to stab ’prentice, but I’ve charged him up and the cultist is fried by the electric shock he gets in return, which is cool. We all try attacking the Pirate King a bit, but it’s not going well, more Shrikes appear from the waterfront, the cave we are in is open to the sea and we can see the boat that brought ‘prentice there moored up. The Pirate King stabs Philipe and is also zapped which he really doesn’t like very much at all. Good.

People are dying and stuff.

I decide that while Gtlack might be a cool gun, it’s time to change to the assassins Quad Iron that I’ve been carrying in a holster under my coat. I aim at the Pirate King



Big Really damagey Bang

Bang that misses.

All four barrels out and the damage looks really hurty, bits of the Pirate King are hanging off and he looks quite pissed. ‘prentice remembers that last time he beat the King with fire and is dashing through the crowd collecting stuff to do the same, part of the plan is because the Pirate King is still singed from where he was damaged last time. The Pirate King comes at me and stabs me which is REALLY painful, but he does get zapped back against the alter, because I’d changed my focus for the zap spell as no-one was hitting Philipe as he has been hanging back shooting people.

We kill more skeles and ‘prentice sets the Pirate King on fire. Philipe has brought a hand cannon with him from the shop and unloads it on the Pirate King, ripping a hole through him. As the electric shocks have worked, I zap him with a bolt. Jethbelle passes ’prentice the magic dagger I built him with the stab undead rune plate in it and he stabs the Pirate King a couple of times. It works really well, I hope he remembers I made it for him and everything. I hope he doesn’t think that because I’m a girl it was special gift and tries to have sex with me or something though. Hurt from the ’prentice stabbing, the Pirate King hisses in anger,
he stabs ’prentice and gets zapped again in return but ’prentice is now looking really unwell. I cast up some protection, cause everyone needs it, and ’prentice does some more stabby damage with the dagger. The Pirate King takes another shock when he hits ’prentice again.

Philipe has completed reloading his hand cannon and I realise that it’s a bit now or never and unleash a hail of arcane bolts at the Pirate King, depleting my magic down in to the danger zone and collapse.

Apparently some of the bolts hit, and Silus (the apprentice) stabbed the Pirate King one last time to finish him off, he kind of deflated in to a dead husk which I kind of wish I’d seen. Jethbelle then snogged Silus, which I’m happy I missed and all the humans were very back patty and stuff. Philipe considered healing people, but couldn’t be asked so instead he carried me out, nice to be remembered, the Gobbos finally arrived to clear up, kebabs will be on discount for a while. Nom.

The group emerges on to the steps of the cathedral as the sun finally breaks through and dawn arrives many hours late. Silus has the skull and one hand of Bolis, but the other hand has disappeared they head out through the festivities of Tides Ebb.

Over the next few days most of the bodies, the ones the Gobbos didn’t get, are buried. The priest forgets what happened and Jethbelle takes Riordans place as High Captain. Stuff goes back to normal, and we never find the second hand. Philipe makes a big speech thanking everyone except Silus and me for saving the city and then goes off to hob nob with rich people. But he does let me buy lots of shiny.

I have to spend some time getting better from being stabbed and stuff. I don’t like it in the kitchen. The cheese keeps staring at me.



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