Iron Kingdoms: A New Start

Lugs ramblings

Met up with a guy from Llael who we’d worked for a bit as mercenaries and that. He said he’d be able to get me out of the country if I worked for him as a gun smith at this new business he’d bought in Five Fingers and that sounded like a good thing so I agreed to tithe service to him for a year and a day in return for a fair wage. Pledged it and everything. Not long after that we were on a boat with decent food and a poncy pirate guy. OK, not that piratey. We got attacked by skeletons, including a big very piratey one. We killed them a lot, I ended up zapping them, which I know is kind of wrong, but no-one was looking. The engine room was cool. A ladies safe got melted with magical acid. Oh, the guy who got us to the boat was killed by an assassin or something too. Did I mention the food was good and I won some cash at gambling? Because it was and I did.



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