Iron Kingdoms: A New Start

Settling in


I’m been in Five Fingers for a few days and my purse is already getting uncomfortably light. Between travel expenses, making the shop fit to live in and paying squatters to clean up and get lost, we’ve been throwing gold in every direction.

About the only thing we have going in our favour is that we’ve got a few months grace with protection money, at least in theory.

It started when Dag’s Wardens showed up at the door. The Skrikes control over our part of the city isn’t quite as complete as Jethbelle would have had us believe, not that she did a good job of concealing that on our way here. Philipe put them off until the next day, and I proceeded to race around the islands figuring out just how much relative power the Wardens and the Shrikes had, deciding that we were better off throwing our lot in with Riordan’s lot (I may be biased, live with it), and tracking down Jethbelle. As I was in, unfortunately, rather a hurry, this was proved to be … expensive, and not just because someone managed to lighten my purse as I was caught up in a crowd.

I eventually found her outside the Laden Galleon — a floating gambling house — and would have missed her if I’d been a few minutes later. She, unfortunately, hadn’t any time for me since she was too focused on the remarkably drunk Captain Jannish Riordan who was so far gone that he didn’t register my presence. It wasn’t a total loss, however, as she agreed to pay a visit to the shop the next morning … before the Wardens were due to show up.

She was as good as her word, and we managed to hammer out most of an agreement before the other gang turned up. Their demands for protection money were cut off by Kannigur executing one of them in the street. The other made a rapid exit. Hopefully, they’ll take a hint and not bother us in future, if not then we’ll have to demonstrate our ability to defend ourselves.

This isn’t a town in which you can get by without protection though, we we will be paying Riordan, but we have a few months grace on that in exchange for a “little” job. Just a small matter of stealing a prized possession of a High Captain that he keeps nearby at all times.

I think we’re undercharging…



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