Silus Murdoch





Silus Murdoch is a moderately respectable and highly unremarkable member of the lower Cygnarian aristocracy. His immediate family were killed in a Khadorian incursion some 15 years ago, and he has spent most of the last decade acting as a junior consul in Ord. He left that post two months ago after an unfortunate misunderstanding with the daughter of an Ordish nobleman and, at the behest of his cousin, paid a visit to Llael where he tracked down one Philipe d’Alston and brought him out of the country.

After setting up shop with Philipe and Lug, and getting involved with Jannish Riordan’s diabolical plot (in which an important lesson was learned: No stealing evil magical goblets for people you once considered a mentor) he is currently attempting to determine just what Jannish’s ritual (attempted human sacrifice, aborted due to interference from friends, there were side effects) did to him and what the current nature of his relationship with Jethbelle is.

Silus Murdoch

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