The Lady Luck

Paddle steamer


A traditional style paddle steamer, owned and captain by Dante Dandelo. Dante is proud to call the ship the fastest paddle steamer in Western Immoren!

The steamer is in excellent condition and is clearly kept in good order. It comprises four decks (as seen below) and has a total crew of 20. These crew consist of mechanics, bridge crew and staff to serve the passengers. The crew, including the captain, all reside on the upper (top) deck within easy access of the bridge. The middle (second from top) deck is where the cabins are located – 14 in total. The lower deck comprises the galley and dining area and the hull of the boat is reserved for storage.

Marion plans large


The ship was originally commisioned by the Cygnarian royalty as a pleasure craft and for diplomatic travels. However, with the outbreak of war on multiple fronts, the royal family diverted the funds needed to pay for the vessel to the war effort, leaving the completed ship without an owner and the shipbuilder in desperate need of money to pay his shipwrights. Dante Saw an excellent oppourtunity to buy the vessel at a bargin price and open up a passenger shipping line on the Dragons Tongue River.

The Lady Luck

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