Tag: Hurley


  • Necromantic Goblet

    A shiny goblet, in the form of a cup grasped in the right hand of some dead creature. Covered in runes of new romantic power. Owned until recently by High Captain [[:banek-hurley-1 | Banek Hurley]]

  • Rik Dainty

    Rik Dainty was born and bred in Five Fingers. He clawed, fought, killed and back stabbed his way to lead the [[Mercenaries, Gangs and Groups | Dag's Wardens]] - the largest gang loyal to [[The High Captains | High Captain Hurley]]. He continues to …

  • Banek Hurley

    He is closest to King Baird (Ordic King) and is in charge of collecting the King’s tithe from the other High Captains. He is a loud and likable man who enjoys telling stories, but in his heart he is a ruthless Scoundrel who has shed the blood of many …