Lay of the land

After a couple of days in Five Fingers, the shop was finally starting to look like a shop and it was good to see Phillipe doing some work! Lug seemed to be keeping himself to himself, immersing himself in crafting stock for the store. Happy everything was going well, you decide to head out to Doleth and visit the Cathedral of Morrow.

The trip to Doleth is uneventful. You pay the usual 1 silver toll to cross the bridge onto the island and are met by the familiar smell of fish from Cod Row – located below the bridge. You move between the heavy crowds around the bridge and climb the hill towards the imposing spire of the Cathedral. The Cathedral dominates the island and, as Morrow would have wanted, watches over his flock. The building is that much more impressive as you get closer and are able to make out the huge stone blocks that have been used to construct the building – Morrow knows how they managed to get them onto the island! A beautiful stained glass window is located above the huge oak doors which are open as always, inviting you into the Cathedral. Inside, the building feels cold and, although huge, you can only make a out a couple of worshipers inside. As you walk down the central aisle towards the alter, you notice buckets located sporadically on the floor of the Cathedral, the occasional drip of water landing in the buckets. As you reach the alter you are greeted by the familiar face of Arias Reinheart.

You engage Arias in polite conversation and he seems glad that you have visited. He politely asks you for any donations for the church so that the roof can be repaired, but does not apply any pressure – he understands you have only just arrived on the Islands. After a short while he introduces you to Ennis Tolbert, who seems to appear from a back room with a broom and bucket in his hands. He removes his gloves and shakes your hand, welcoming you to the church. Arias explains that you met on board the Lady Luck and that you have fled Llael following the Khadorian occupation. Ennis clearly seems interested in this fact and asks questions about you and your friends – obviously trying to gauge your opinion on the occupation. He is careful though, not giving any indications that he is a llaelese sympathiser.

When you are finally left alone with Ennis, you mention Gillian’s name and he seems to relax. He is glad to know that more sympathisers have arrived on the Island and he informs you that many like minded people gather at the Steamgirl’s Parlor on Bellows Isle.

Lay of the land

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