Mercenaries, Gangs and Groups

Mercenary groups

Sons of Thuria

Specialise in escort and bodyguard work and can be recognised by the symbol of old Thuria in gold on a dark green belted sash. They are well educated, supplied and trained.

the company has romantic notions of one day re-building the old land of Thuria, which existed before the Orgoth invaded. Person of note include:

Gowan Branduff – company advisor
Jonas Slate – company recruiter

Emerald Watch

A mercenary group loyal to High Captain Hurley. Their primary task is to patrol the Emerald District on Captain’s Isle. Their uniform is similar to the Five Fingers Watch except that the city symbol is shown in dark green instead of black.

They are well trained and ruthless law keepers.


Kannigurs Shrikes

A professional and controlled gang loyal to Riordan, they are rarely given to displays of violence but are more than capable of defending themselves. They dress well and can be recognised by their black and silver sashes worn openly at the waist.

They are known as the best knife fighters of the islands and are led by Jethbelle Kannigur.

Salter Crew

Fiercely loyal to Waernuk, the gang originally comprised of top pirates who arrived in town and were recruited by Waernuk. Now the gang has swollen to include all the dregs of society, including many from Hospice Isle who owe their lives or Waernuk for one reason or another.

The gang is led by Garrigan Hern, who is almost as ruthless as his boss.

Dag’s Wardens

One of Hurleys many gangs, their turf is centred on Chaser Isle. They try and imitate the local watch, hoping to provide an element of stability to the island, although the locals all know that the gang is quick to anger and love to beat those who do not follow their orders into a bloody pulp.

The gang’s leader is Rik Dainty, a nasty piece of work.


Cygnarian Reconnaissance Service – CRS

A small team operate within Five Fingers and their primary objective is to thwart any actions made by Khadorian Agents. However, they are also keen to aid the Llaelese Resistance and to investigate Cryxian activities in Five Fingers.

The Cygnarian ambassador in Five Fingers is Lord Darden Wyatt. He spends his time amongst the nobility of Five Fingers, mixing with the High Captains, the Lord Governor and the successful merchants of the city.

Day to day CRS missions are supervised by Gillian Hurlough who also works closely with Ennis Tolbert, a Morrowan Priest and Llaelese sympathiser.

Khadorian Intelligence Network – KIN

Five Fingers has numerous Khadorian spies and informants amongst all aspects of society. From Five Fingers, they can more easily monitor the political situation in Ord and Cygnar as well as monitor imports and exports through the port city. They are also aware that a number of refugees from Llael have made their way to Five Fingers and one of their primary objectives is to exterminate these refugees.

Known agents of Khador in Five Fingers include Mihovitch Salintarsk aka ‘The Spectre’ and Fodor Rachlavsky.

Llaelese Resistance

After the fall of Llael to Khador, many refugees fled to Five Fingers. The relative freedom of Five Fingers has allowed them procure supplies to send home for the resistance as well as forge new alliances. Most refugees live in Captain’s Prow.

The leader of the resistance in Five Fingers is the very vocal Lyan Rovissi. He often holds meetings in various squares and speaks openly about his hatred for Khadorians.

Another resistance member is Captain Fynch Belvoir, who is rumoured to co-ordinated supplies to send home for the fight. He was one of a few survivors from the Elsinberg Royal Fusiliers who fought during the invasion.

The Shroud

Worshipers of Thamar, they are a cult who specialise in mastering necromancy. They are a well organised and civilised group who have many followers int he nobility, who wish to prolong their life.

They differ from Cryx in that, in life after death, they wish the dead to be free and capable of making their own decisions. They do not wish to enslave the dead like Cryx.

Mateu Merchant House

One of the principal Merchant Houses in Five Fingers. They are second only to the Mercarian League, who have the loyalty of High Captain Riordan.

The Mateu Merchant House are currently trying to broker a deal for the purchase of the Ordic Beet Refinery.

One of their principal merchants is Bartel Versalo.

Mercenaries, Gangs and Groups

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