The High Captains

Lord Governor Doyle

The King’s representative in the city, he is tasked with governing the city. In reality, this is an impossible task as the High Captains rule the city and the Governor does not have the man power or the support to enforce his position. Instead, he accepts bribes from the High Captains to stay out of their business.

He is most friendly with High Captain Riordan.

High Captain Jannish Riordan

A former mercenary captain of the Silver Shields, he settled on five fingers after a coup forced him to leave his mercenary company. He is cold, calculated and has earned a reputation as a brutal and efficient knife fighter.

He is very friendly with Lord Governor Doyle.

He relies heavily on his loyal gang Kannigurs Shrikes.

High Captain Banek Hurley

He is closest to King Baird (Ordic King) and is in charge of collecting the King’s tithe from the other High Captains. He is a loud and likable man who enjoys telling stories, but in his heart he is a ruthless Scoundrel who has shed the blood of many innocents and gangsters alike.

He has a number of informants spread across Five Fingers and trades heavily on information. His primary enforcement gang are called the Dags Wardens.

High Captain Durgan Kilbride

A bristling, bearded fair-haired mountain of a man. He is a powerful warrior who literally fought his way into his current position. He is rarely seen in public and likes to have all his business done through his agents and gangs.

His bodyguard and assassin is a small wiry woman called Kaelin Dirge.

High Captain Velter Waernuk

A bitter and dangerous old man, he is rightly feared by most. He used to be a pirate captain and is a vindictive, evil and immoral man. He has a large network of informants across Five Fingers and makes most of his money from the black market.

He has one of the largest gangs in Five Fingers, the Salter Crew, who join a number of other gangs belonging to Waernuk that enforce his law.

Waernuk is known to pay well, but do not cross him.

The High Captains

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