Iron Kingdoms: A New Start

A month and a bit of Lug

For around a month after Bloke had got stabbed and almost died things were pretty quiet. We worked making and selling guns, well Philips sorted out the shop, got in a sales guy called Robierre while the two of us made guns. Well, I made guns and let ‘prentice get on with doing bits and bobs. He also continued to faun after Jethbelle and talk about how he was saving himself for her and waiting for the Opera to open up after being done up. I split my spare time between visiting more Gobbers in the Rigs, and getting them to watch the shop a bit, working a bit in the Armoury, visiting the University and researching a mechanik lock to put on the workshop. I lock it when I’m not there, but I’m not happy that people, including ‘prentice, can’t get in anyway.

Philip had the shop painted all Llaelesey which seems a bit stupid, but apparently it’s how we are selling stuff. He also got some melee stuff in for a whole service thing, by doing a deal with the Wetted Blade.

I went to chat with Gak, a Gobber who is the protege of Geoff Callopus, master locksmith, ex thief. She does some cool stuff and we have some good ideas for the new lock.

The Opera opens and ‘prentice keeps on wittering about it, he has tickets for March of the Nyss, which has real Nyss in it. Philipe sources some really good tea and that is the day that Gillian Hurlough comes to visit us. She talks to Philipe first while we are all in the kitchen, but she really wants ’prentice. When he comes back she talks about problems with the Llaelese resistance, apparently some Khadorian agents are going to assassinate one of them and as ’prentice was a spy she wants him to find out all about it. She also lets on that I’m not a he, which is a bit embarrassing as I’ve kind of let the others think I am ‘cause I’m worried they’ll not take me as seriously if they don’t, but thankfully they haven’t discussed it or anything with me yet. Not sure how I’m going to explain it.

Gillian says we need to go and see what they are doing at the Parched Whale, where all the Khadorian spies go to drink. ‘prentice goes in disguise, although not as a waiter. Philipe wears normal clothes and I reverse my llama farmer hat but Philipe and I go in seperately pretending to have visited an alchemists by Cod Row and just liking the look of that one. The stew is great and the ale is OK. I take things a bit far and have some ideas about a special marking fluid we could use to protect the stock from thieves. ’prentice comes in and talks to the bar staff a lot but there are no Khadorians there, then there are. Oh, while nothing was happening I also made ’prentice a cool mechanika boot knife, kind of as a well done on not dying present thing. Also, there is still cheese in the house, I’m not sure it ever dies. On the way to the pub we passed banners for the Festival of Tides Ebb, they have loads of festivals here but this one is about the water around the islands getting all treacherous and all the sailors being stranded on the land so getting extra drunk.

Eventually the Khadorians come in and talk to each other a lot. ‘prentice steals something from one of them while we are trying to leave and they are harassing Philipe, although he is all ’we are leaving now’ and we do, which is good. They ignore me which is better, I turn my hat the other way round after we have left. ‘prentice meets us with a blank bit of paper we stole and we break in to an alchemists to sort it out as he thinks it has a hidden message on it. I really need to sort out that lock. It’s a lot of work to get the message showing and I can’t hide it again so he grabs some blank paper and folds it up to return to the guy he stole it off, who isn’t the Shadow who is also there. He is a notorious Khadorian assassin and chased us when we got on the Lady Luck out of Llael. The message says they are going to kill a vocal Llaese guy called Lyon Vaneesi when he does a speech in Traitors Park.

Philipe goes off to the Llaelese brothel to get information and comes home unable to talk them out of the meeting so I make a stinky package, like cheese only worse if you can believe that, and go and leave it at the park so no-one will want to be there. We are then told they are meeting on the steps of the Cathedral instead by the talky guys body guard so we rush there, Philip taking a snipers rifle.

The steps of the Cathedral, and surrounding area are heaving and we spot the decoy but miss the shooter until it is almost too late. He unloads a quad iron at talky man but hits his bodyguard, who we like more, instead. The shooter drops the quad iron, which I pick up and is chased by ‘prentice and me right up to the point Philipe blows his head off with the snipers rifle. Philipe gets the body guard to a doctor, I look at the quad iron which is a very expensive bit of kit with an arcane dynamic accumulator built in to it to power a couple of rune plates that increase its accuracy and give it serious stopping power. The body guard was lucky he only got one barrel, and talky guy was lucky to be missed completely. I haven’t decided what to do with it yet.

We still have cheese, I think someone is buying more out of spite. That or it is breeding.



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