Iron Kingdoms: A New Start

Lug and magic stuff


Magic magic magic magic magic..

Some stuff has happened, but none of it is as important as the magic thing.

We were offered a Jack from the armoury but it was too expensive and we didn’t have anything to use it for and it’s nothing to do with the magic so not really important. Philipe talked to the Five Fingers Herald and said he though Khadorians shooting people was really bad. This is also not magical.

A guy set fire to the shop. Normal fire. ‘prentice jumped out of the window while I shot at him, the guy not ’prentice and ’prentice stabbed guy to death completely normally. Well, I may have shot him to death, normally, but either way, guy=dead in a completely natural non-magical way. So. DULL. Also, while a lot of the shop caught fire, the cheese didn’t. I think it dodged. I don’t trust it. It may be magical.

The fire guy had a cool sword.

It wasn’t magical.

I built some metal shutters, completely normally, so that normal Khardorian Cocktails can’t be thrown through our normal shop window and set normal fire to our completely not magical shop.

We found out about a prophecy that said Bolis was going to rise again and do really bad stuff. This is all kind of magical but not the interesting bit. Well, it’s a bit interesting, the hands we were dealing with were all his and we need to know where his skull is (it’s almost definitely buried under the cathedral of Morrow) but it’s not the magical magicky thing that is really exciting, although finding out about it is kind of related.

I’m building a magical lock thing to keep the cellar safe. This is kind of exciting too. But also not it.

‘prentice went to the Opera with Jethbel and didn’t come back, he is probably having lots of human sex stuff now. He will have a silly grin when he comes back.

So. Researching the ‘where is Bolis buried’ thing I found out that there were books I needed to read that were at the Fraternal Order of Wizards, Wizard Tower with High Magnus Turpwell. I really needed to read the book, but I really didn’t want to go to the tower because it’s all magicky and so am I, only I’m not supposed to let anyone know and I’m not registered or anything and it’s all DIFFICULT. But I needed to know, so I had to go. I got Philipe to go with me.

There the Magus was all young and stuff, not what I’d expected and he wanted to see me alone, but I didn’t want him to so I made him see Philipe too and he said I’d been expected and stuff and he’d been waiting for me to turn up and I was all special because I’m not an unusual Gobber Arcanist type thing, apparently I’m THE Gobber Arcanist. Just one of me. They don’t know of any others. Like unique and stuff.




So we kind of talked a bit and he wanted to do experiments on me and stuff and I didn’t like the sound of that and even though he was a lot nicer than I thought, he was still all scary and stuff and we drew up a contract thing which Philipe read through and I was really happy that Philipe was there and Philipe got to drink fine brandy and smoke cigars, but I didn’t take either because I was worried about being ensorcelled and stuff and we got to look at all the magic books and the skull is really definitely almost absolutely buried under the cathedral and they are going to try and get Scion Bolis back really soon because it’s Tides Ebb which is when all of the moons align and they need to do human sacrifice and everything to make it happen. When we tell ‘prentice he’s not going to be happy no matter how much sex he had..



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