Iron Kingdoms: A New Start

Lug rambles on some more

So I was spending ages crafting the pistols, especially the really nice duelling pistol for the Captain when the human that isn’t Philipe came up and asked me to make a load of other stuff like stink bombs, smoke bombs and the like, which cost money but Philipe paid for it. I made almost all of them but I’m still getting the hang of all this alchemy stuff and one of the smoke bombs went off while I was finishing it up filling the shop with smoke which wasn’t ideal. I went out while it all cleared and decided to go to one of the other islands, Bellocose or some such, where there was an art gallery and they had a painting of the captain with the goblet we were going to steal. As I didn’t think the shop would be habitable still I went to the University. The University is great. And did some more research, the students have got really cool hats which are flat on top, when Philipe used the money we got for selling the duelling pistol to go and get clothes I got him to buy me a top hat with a floppy brim, which he did and it is currently probably my most favourite hat, if not top three. The goblet is all magicky but the wizards don’t know in what way and think it might have got magic just by being really old. ‘Cause it is also really old. When I got back to the shop it wasn’t smokey anymore so I got to do more work. Yay. We got five hundred gold for the duelling pistol and Philipe paid me back what he owed me. And a hat. I may have mentioned the hat already. A couple of days before the party we went to look at the Laden Galleon and worked out our plan wasn’t going to work because it was all illuminated and the windows weren’t anywhere near the floor. We thought about using a boat but that was a stupid idea. I spotted the gang plank had shadows under it so we went back when it was all closed up at like three in the morning or something and rigged up some ropes under the gang plank so I could hide by the window that looked out under the gang plank and take the goblet when it was ready. While working on guns and stuff I thought back over some of the Arcana bits that I’d been taught and finally worked out the bit I’d been missing with a zappy spell that I’d never quite got the hang of. I need to try it out but it should zap anyone who hits me, or whoever I’ve put the spell on. Philipe had a new cloak, the other human dressed up as a different human and went to be a waiter at the party. I’d made a fake medal based on one of Philipes real medals as a diversion, in the party, not a diversion from making guns, it took up valuable gun making time. I stood on a ledge while the party thing happened, it took forever eventually waiter dressed bloke passed me the goblet and I zapped us both with the zappy spell just in case before using the rope to swing to the side of the dry dock and take the goblet to the inn we’d agreed to pass it to a Shrike in. The goblet was definitely magical and had some strange runes around the wrist which I have copied out. It’s necromatic magic, but then it’s primarily someones skeletel hand so that’s hardly a surprise really is it? When the bloke turned up he’d been stabbed by something which looked very similar to the acid that had been used to burn in to the womans safe. I paid for a cab to get us back to the shop and my alchemical kit where I did what I could, but I’m still learning the alchemical stuff. It was good practice though. When Philipe came back I showed him the interested green goo on the really cool blade and mentioned other human had been stabbed. I went up to the Rigs and found a doctor/alchemist who came down and had a look, he slowed the acid poison stuff down a bit more, but reckoned bloke was going to die and stuff. Our only hope now is to take him to the fish street on the island next door where there’s an even better alchemist who might be able to cure him. Philipe paid the doctor and gave me back the money for the cab. There is still cheese.



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