Iron Kingdoms: A New Start

Lugs added ramblings

We got to ride on a huge clank, a steam powered carraige thing that a Gobber we met at the docks ran. It was really great and had a plate on it from an armoury. And it was really high up and we got to see lots of stuff while we went along. Five Fingers is pretty horrible. The houses are really high, and they kind of meet in the middle above the streets and they are a mix of brick and really flammable looking wood except for on one island where it all burnt down or something. Some of the islands are connected with bridges and cable cars and things, but others need to be rowed to. Ours isn’t the most horrible. We got to the shop and it was all closed up and manky and stuff, but not deserted because some scummy diseased vagrants were living in the basement and they’d been burning the stuff from the shop and they had almost burnt the workbench. And they were all puss ridden and stuff which was disgusting. I ended up having to pay quite a lot of my own money for stuff which wasn’t really in the deal and I hope I get it back because it was mine and not meant for buying things for the shop which I only work in and don’t own or anything. And because it had had vagrants in it we didn’t think it was safe to leave it on its own after we’d started cleaning it out, but both of the humans buggered off and Philipe said he was only going out to get us food but came back with no food and drunk. There’s a load of people, mostly Gobbers but apparently also some Bogrin, living up in an extra city that is rigged up across the rooves of the normal buildings on the island and I went up there for breakfast and found some Gobbers who did me a good deal on an alchemy kit which the shop needed and I had to pay for with my own money. I’d been told about it by the Gobber who runs the laundry that is above our shop who also sells meat on a stick. The meat was tasty and had a bit of a pork flavour to it. Some people came round and threatened Philipe, but the lady who had her safe stuff stolen was there and killed them. I made some new guns because we went to another island where the place that had sold some of the metal for the clank that we’d ridden in to town was there and it’s a big armoury place so it has off cuts of wood and metal that we bought so we could make guns and stuff, so I made some, some normal pistols and a mastercrafted gun for a Captain which is going to be a gift and I hope we get paid for because it’s really nice and I put loads of time in to it. I also use a bit of stuff I’d found from the pirate skeleton guy on the ship to craft a new iron sight for my pistol, although it’s bone, not iron. We have to go and steal a thing from someone soon. I think I’ll have to crawl through a window or something. When I was up on the rooves I got a new hat, it’s really nice, it’s kind of leather and has flaps down below the holes for the ears and the top is kind of pointy in a not really pointy way. I think it’ll be warmer than my floppy hat, but if we’re going to go robbing stuff I might need a different hat for that. Philipe brought back cheese, or maybe the other human did, it was very disappointing.



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