Cargis Renlos

Owner of the Black Hilt


Charismatic, manipulative and spiteful. He is a merchant by trade, but is known locally as a fence. He is also a skilled blacksmith.


This is not common knowledge, but Cargis grew up as a cutthroat Pirate, working off the coast of the Scharade Islands in Blackwater Bay. He was a regular visitor to both the Scharde Islands and Five Fingers where it is rumoured that he learnt how to make black Ogrun weapons.

After leaving the pirating trade, he settled on Five Fingers and opened a sword and knife shop called the Black Hilt. However, it is rumoured that, for the right price, Cargis will sell you almost anything.

Player Notes-J: Party met him on the Lady Luck in session 1

Cargis Renlos

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