Fynch Belvoir

Llaelese resistance fighter


A chivalrous and honourable person. He is fiercely independent and has made it his goal to free Llael, or die trying.

He is a skilled fighter and leader.


Born the the noble Belvoir house, Fynch always wanted to be a soldier. He joined up with the Elsinberg Royal Fusiliers as soon as he was able and quickly ascended to the ranks to Captain. His loyalty to Llael was as true as his loyalty to his men and he fought valiantly alongside them when Khador invaded Elsinberg. Many of his men died in the attack and Fynch was gravely wounded, only surviving because he was saved by his lieutenant. His lieutenant was murdered later by a Khadorian assassin when he and Fynch journeyed to Five Fingers.

He spends a lot of time at Steamgirl’s Parlor.

Fynch Belvoir

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