Meshyva Jarlyse

Owner of the Steamgirl's Parlor


Persuasive, intelligent and friendly. She is very good at saying what others want to hear.


Madame Jarlyse was one of a few that saw the fall of Llael coming. Of course she did not want it to happen, but she knew that Llael could no longer function as it was. She left Llael shortly before its fall and headed for Five Fingers where she opened the Steamgirl’s Parlor. Tucked away on Bellows Island, it is a small establishment, but loved by those that visit. Madame Jarlyse makes all of her patrons welcome and is happy to provide them with all they desire.

It is also rumoured that Steamgirl’s Parlor is a meeting place for the Llaelese Resistance.

Meshyva Jarlyse

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