Philipe d'Alston

Viscount Philipe d'Alston, dispossessed Llaelese noble


Lord d’Alston (Capitaine le Visconte d’Alston) is a dispossessed Laelese noble of Rynnish descent. Seriously wounded three years ago in a forlorn action in defence of Riversmet, he has spent the subsequent years in hiding, quietly expropriating whatever remnants of his family’s portable wealth he could manage to lay his hands on (the estates and lands of the viscountcy d’Alston having been seized by Khador).

His parents (Lord Charles and Lady Rosalyn d’Alston) were both killed during the events of the fall of Riversmet. He has two younger brothers, Lyonor and Rufio, who he has been unable to locate since the battle.

Philipe is fluent in Cygnarian and Ordic, and while wishing to remain less conspicuous, he styles himself in Ordic as Philip Alston.

Philipe d'Alston

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