Takwalugarahekdarulug (Lug)





Arcanist & Arcane Mechanik


42lb’s in weight and 3ft tall

Magic Repeating Pistol
48 (240) RNG
10 POW
10 rnds

PHY 4 (6spd 3str)
AGI 4 (4prw 4poi) (it says +1 die but I think that makes it 4?)
INT 4 (4arc 3per)
Willpower = 7

DEF 14 (6 + 4 + 1)
ARM 9 (4 + 5)
Initiative 13 (6+4+3)
Command Range 4 (4)

Hand Weapon (PRW) 3 (this may not be right, I’ve written a 3 by it but not a total in the box so it might be a note)
Pistol (POI) 5
Detection (PER) 3 + 0 = 3
Sneak (AGL) 4 + 0 = 4
Craft Gunsmith 4 + 1 = 5
Craft Metalwork 4 + 1 = 5
Mech Engineer 4 + 1 = 5
Lore (Arcane) 4 + 1 = 5
Research 4 + 1 = 5
Alchemy 4 + 1 = 5

Damage capacity 4 remaining in each strand for 12 total


Deft (1 die)
Inscribe Formula (make runeplate)
Great Power (upkeep 1 spell/turn for no focus or fatigue cost)
Rune Reader (identify spell caster in line of sight, type of magic and casters tradition)
Combat Caster (
1 die and discard lowest)

(other side of sheet)

Rune Etching Kit
Mechanik Tool Kit

Worn Armour
Armoured Great Coat (0 spd, -1 def, +5 arm)

Repeating Pistol, Blast 2, AoE 3, clockwork capacitor

Arcantrik Bolt (cost 2, rng 10, no aoe, pow 12, no Up, yes Off)
Polarity Shield (cost 2, rng 6, no aoe, no pow, yes Up, no Off)
Arcane Bolt (cost 2, rng 12, no aoe, pow 11, no Up, yes Off)

Aura of Protection (cost 2, rng self, aoe ctrl, no pow, yes Up, no Off)

Light in Darkness (cost 1, rng self, aoe ctrl, no pow, yes Up, no Off)

750GC Mechanika Pistol
Repeating Pistol (350GC)
Blast (200GC)
Clockwork capacitor (80GC)
10 light rounds (4GC)
1 additional Ammo wheel (15GC)
749GC total

100GC in pocket apparently.


Lug is bluey green in colour, she has a penchant for brimmed hats, partiularly fedora’s or battered stetsons. Her greatcoat is oversized on her 3ft frame and she wears a number of layers beneath it, lots of leather belting to carry pouches and plenty of pockets. It is rare for any of her clothes, even her boots, to actually match.

She has built a custom holster for her Repeating Pistol, which is itself a study in make do engineering. No two screws or bolts match and there is a patina across the metal work with replacement spars and mounts brazed on having been created from whatever metal was lying around. The key for the clockwork is a large brass and wooden affair she wears on a chain around her neck. She calls the pistol G’Tlack after a particularly vicious cave snake found in some deep Gobber caverns.

Her manner is to the point and generally abrasive, she is likely to pronounce anything brought to her as ‘buggered but fixable’, much like G’Tlack, which has its roots in the remains of a gun she found while scouring a battlefield for cannon parts, she takes a special pleasure in bringing back apparently lost causes to working pieces. It’s probably why she was willing to put her lot in with the other two.

Lug worked in the supply train for a mercenary band assigned to Philipe d’Alston’s forces, her primary role was maintainance and secondary defence as she honed her trade. When the band was shattered at the battle of Riversmet her small group fled in to the hinterlands. Their numbers dwindled as they worked their way towards the main port, hoping to have amassed enough coin to buy passage out to the coast. Laying low in the city of Merrywynn Lug came across a man she recognised as Philipe d’Alston, although now calling himself Philip Alston. They got talking over a few flagons of ale and by the end of the evening Lug had agreed that in return for passage out of Llael, she’d work for him at his new business venture. In a sincere Gobber oath she pledged him a year and a days work at a reasonable wage as her part of the deal.

Takwalugarahekdarulug (Lug)

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