Tag: Shop


  • The Well Oiled Holster

    A gunsmith shop owned by [[:philipe-d-alston | Philipe d'Alston]]. The shop was recently acquired by Philipe through his Cygnarian contact [[:silus-murdoch | Silus Murdoch]]. Silus brokered the deal for the shop through [[The Islands of Five Fingers | …

  • The Whetted Blade

    One of the best places in Five Fingers to buy a good quality sword or knife at a reasonable price. The store is run by a retired mercenary named Klive Higginson. Klive's sister runs the [[Quenched Whistle]] next door.

  • Black Hilt

    A shop specialising in small blades, poisons and all sorts of nasty business! The shop is run by [[:cargis-renlos | Cargis Renlos]], a supporter and ally of Waernuk.

  • Thrak's laundry and kebab shop

    Located on the 2nd floor above the [[The Well Oiled Holster | The Well Oiled Holster]], this enterprising business is run by two Gobbers called Thrak and Zak. Their cousin made them a mechanika machine that enables them to wash, dry and press laundry and …

  • The Onyx Pestle

    Situated in [[Crucible Alley]], The Onyx Pestle is run by Setter Gorvis and owned by [[:asenath-scarrow | Asenath Scarrow]]. The shop sells a lot of interesting chemicals and "industrial by-products" (poisons). However, if you ever mention poison in his …

  • La Boulangerie

    A coffee shop in [[Crucible Alley]]. From [[Guide to Five Fingers | The Gentleman’s Guide to Five Fingers]]: _Don't be fooled by the name, this charming little establishment is no mere bakers. Indeed it is a quite pleasant café and pâtisserie, and …