Crib Sheet


Target Numbers

  • Simple: No roll/automatic success
  • Moderate: 10-12
  • Complex: 13-15
  • Difficult: 16+
  • Impossible: No roll/automatic failure

Turn Structure

Maintenance Phase

  1. Expire Continuous Effects that end

  2. Resolve Continuous Effects that don’t

  3. Resolve any other Maintenance Phase effects

Control Phase

  1. Allocate Fatigue/Focus to Upkeep spells

  2. Expire Upkeep spells not allocated Fatigue/Focus
  3. Resolve any other Control Phase effects

Activation Phase (can occur in either order)

  1. Move (Advance/Run/Charge)
  2. Act (2 quick actions/1 Attack and 1 quick action or a full action)

Quick Actions

  • Draw weapon or item
  • Stow weapon or item
  • Reload a ranged weapon
  • Pull pin on a grenade
  • Cast a spell
  • Activate a runeplate
  • Use a steamjack drive
  • Use a skill or ability that requires a quick action
  • Take Cover or go Prone

Melee Attack Modifiers

  • Attacker is Prone: -2
  • Back Strike: +2
  • Free Strike: +2 and damage roll is boosted
  • Target Knocked Down: melee attacks automatically hit
  • Target Prone: +2
  • Target Stationary: melee attacks automatically hit
  • Target Taking Cover behind a terrain feature granting Solid Cover: -2

Ranged and Magic Attack Modifiers

  • Aiming Bonus: +2 to all ranged attacks that activation (forfeit movement/no quick actions)
  • Attacker is Engaged: -4
  • Attacker is firing from horseback: -2
  • Back Strike: +2
  • Target in Concealment: -2
  • Target in Cover: -4
  • Target Elevated: -2
  • Target in melee: -4 (missed attacks may hit others in the engagement)
  • Target Knocked Down: Target’s DEF becomes 5
  • Target Prone: -2
  • Target Stationary: Target’s DEF becomes 5

Crippled Aspects

  • Physique: -2 STR
  • Agility: -2 on all attack rolls
  • Intellect: -2 DEF, cannot Upkeep spells

Feat Points

Gaining Feat Points

  1. Incapacitate or destroy an enemy with an attack
  2. Score a Critical Success on an attack or skill roll
  3. Misc. GM awards

Spending Feat Points

  1. Boost a Non-Attack skill roll

  2. Heroic Dodge (take 1/2 damage from an attack)
  3. Buy an additional Quick Action

  4. Parry (ignore Free Strikes)
  5. Relentless Charge (move through rough terrain without penalty)
  6. Re-roll failed attack/skill/willpower roll

  7. Run and Gun (advance 2 x SPD inches instead of SPD)

  8. Shake Continuous Effect/Knockdown/Stationary (ends one of those conditions)

  9. Sprint (make a full advance after incapacitating/destroying an enemy)

  10. Two-Fisted (if armed with a weapon in each hand, attack once with each with no penalties)

  11. Walk it Off (regain 1d3+1 vitality – cannot be used if incapacitated)


  • Horrific noises haunting the night (12 vs. Willpower)
  • Encountering the sight of recent slaughter (14 vs. Willpower)
  • Witness a particularly gruesome murder (15 vs. Willpower)
  • Witness an ally consumed alive by a rampaging beast (16 vs. Willpower)
  • Witness the dead rise and turn on the living (16 vs. Willpower)


  • Success = Unaffected
  • 1st Failure = Anxiety (+1 STR, -1 to all attack or skill rolls, cannot move toward source of fear)

  • 2nd Failure = Panic (-2 to all attack or skill rolls, cannot move toward source of fear)

  • 3rd Failure = Flee! (Run! If you can’t run, you are paralyzed with fear and cannot act)

Stats for Social Skills

  • Physique: Loom. Get in someone’s face. Impress with your hot bod!
  • Speed: Surprise or shock (slap, slam a book closed).
  • Strength: Intimidate or reassure through firm physical contact.
  • Agility: Seduce or threaten with subtle, graceful gestures.
  • Prowess: Intimidate/impress with physical display.
  • Poise: Convey coolness or menace. Conceal intent.
  • Intellect: Argue logically. Convince with facts. Twist words.
  • Arcane: Overt magical intimidation or other-worldly creepiness.
  • Perception: Spot weakness. Say what your opponent wants to hear.

Crib Sheet

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