The Well Oiled Holster

A gunsmith shop owned by Philipe d’Alston. The shop was recently acquired by Philipe through his Cygnarian contact Silus Murdoch. Silus brokered the deal for the shop through Dorne & Fergurn Barristers who are based on Belicose Island in Five Fingers. The shop had recently become vacant after the previous owner, Vladamir Portov, disappeared.

The shop is located in Five Fingers in Central Chaser on Chaser Island. The shop can be found located half way up Port Street, a short walk from the Quenched Whistle. The Whetted Blade, Gearworks, Chaser’s Market and Traitor’s Park can also be found in the local area.

The shop occupies the ground floor, first floor and basement at the end of a large terrace. The main shop is located on the ground floor with a small kitchen and wash room area at the back where stairs provide access to the basement and first floor.

The basement comprises a mechanics workshop and a storage room. A hatch from the storage room provides access to the side alley adjacent to the shop and is useful for loading and unloading stock.

Four rooms are located on the first floor and are used for both accommodation and overspill from the storage room in the basement.

The Well Oiled Holster

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