Thrak's laundry and kebab shop

Located on the 2nd floor above the The Well Oiled Holster, this enterprising business is run by two Gobbers called Thrak and Zak. Their cousin made them a mechanika machine that enables them to wash, dry and press laundry and thanks to this revolutionary idea they are able to clean laundry for a number of local businesses. They have plans to upgrade this process to industrial scale, but are looking for funding.

From The Gentleman’s Guide to Five Fingers:

While I am reluctant to entrust my better outfits to this entrepreneurial duo, the ingenious teknological contraptions of their own devising allow them to launder even substantial batches of common linens rapidly, and at most reasonable rates. Those looking to establish a household in this part of the city would be well advised to send their man round to make arrangements with this easily-overlooked establishment.

To try and raise some funds Thrak also runs a mobile kebab stall in the evenings. He tours Chaser Market and the surrounding streets, selling cooked and smoked meat steaks to passing trade. No one is quite sure where the meat comes from, but it tastes good so perhaps it is best not to ask…

Thrak's laundry and kebab shop

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